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Jenni-Maree Trotman

Jenni-Maree is a graduate of the University of Auckland, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Japanese.

For over 20 years, Jenni-Maree has represented businesses and individuals on a wide range of civil and commercial matters, employment, property disputes, estate litigation, insolvency and bankruptcy, and construction disputes including leaky building disputes.

Jenni-Maree was a Member of the Employment Relations Authority from March 2017 until her resignation and return to the bar in September 2020.  During her tenure she investigated employment disputes, issued determinations, and assisted parties to resolve their issues through the use of facilitation.

Following Jenni-Maree’s return to private practice, she has continued to provide civil, commercial and employment advocacy, as well as undertaking workplace investigations, mediations and arbitrations.  She has also been providing weekly training to the lawyers at the Auckland Community Law Centre to enable greater access to justice.

Jenni-Maree’s extensive experience has equipped her with the skills necessary to assist parties to identify, address, negotiate and to resolve issues in dispute as a lawyer, mediator, facilitator and arbitrator.

Jenni-Maree is accredited as an Associate Member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand and is an Authorised Farm Debt Mediator under s 46 of the Farm Debt Mediation Act 2019.

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Phone: (027) 577 3376
Email: [email protected]

Contact Me

Awards and Accomplishments

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
Associate Member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ
Former Member of the Employment Relations Authority
Accredited Farm Debt Mediator
Member of the New Zealand Bar Association


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