Property and Construction Litigation

Finding out that you have a home that is defective in some way, or that a home you helped design, construct or inspect, has defects can be a very worrying time.  It is important that you engage the right legal representative, or mediator, to assist you to resolve your dispute.

Jenni-Maree has extensive experience in property and construction litigation.  She has appeared in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, the District Court, and the High Court in relation to many leaky and defective homes. She has represented not only leaky and defective home owners, but also those involved in defending claims such as builders, developers, architects/designers, plumbers, tilers, surface layers, painters and pre-purchase inspectors.  With her assistance, most of her clients have resolved their claims before they reach the Court or Tribunal.

If you have a building or construction problem call Jenni-Maree now to to engage her services as either your lawyer or as an independent mediator to assist parties to resolve their dispute.

Jenni-Maree will work with you to provide you with assistance to make the process as straight-forward, affordable and stress free as possible.

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