Employment Law

Jenni-Maree represents clients, undertakes workplace investigations, and acts as a facilitator and mediator, throughout New Zealand.

She is a former Member of the Employment Relations Authority, resigning from this position in September 2020 and returning to practice as a Barrister and Mediator.

As a Member of the Employment Relations Authority, Jenni-Maree assisted parties to resolve employment relationship problems by investigating the facts and making a decision. During her tenure, she presided over hundreds of employment disputes, issued  determinations, and assisted parties to resolve their issues through the use of facilitation.

Jenni-Maree’s experience as a Member of the Employment Relations Authority, and as a lawyer, enables her clients to access an invaluable resource of experience, integrity and depth of knowledge.

Jenni-Maree provides the following employment-related services:

    • Workplace investigations
    • Mediation – as Counsel or as a Mediator/Facilitator – both during and post employment
    • Arbitration
    • Disciplinary and Performance Management
    • Personal Grievance Resolution
    • Restructuring and redundancy
    • Restraint of Trade and Confidential Information
    • Representation in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court
    • Supervision and training
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