I have known Jenni professionally since 2004. Over this period, I have instructed Jenni to act on behalf of the organisation I represented at that particular time. Jenni has an engaging personality and a professional business style. This style immediately ensured she connected at all levels within the organisation, contributing to its success. As a well-qualified individual, Jenni easily demonstrates the same ethics and brand values as the organisation, easily resolving issues to a favourable resolution. Her level of commitment and thought leadership is outstanding, easily contributing to a business partnership rather than a supplier/client relationship. I continue to use Jenni and am happy to engage in a conversation of recommendation with anyone.

David Robins

Jenni has provided first-rate commercial legal counsel to myself, our Collections/Legal Department and GFL Ltd (Geneva Finance Ltd). She has helped and guided us to ensure we find a middle ground so that we achieve a result which has been acceptable to both the company and our client/s. Jenni has provided a consistently high standard of legal instruction and customer service

Pat Dunn
Collections and Human Resources Manager

Words cannot begin to describe how much I appreciate your help. You are totally awesome. Your submission and closing in Court were fluent and logical. You are the best lawyer that I could have engaged.  It was clear the judge was very satisfied with your professionalism in Court too.
I am no longer worried about the outcome. You helped me submit the best case I could have. You questioned the defendant to place him in the worst possible situation he could be. You got the defendant to acknowledge all of the faults with the building. The judge agreed with your statements and conclusions. Without you, I can never achieve this. Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

Katherine Gu
Gu Investments Limited

Jenni has acted for me on a number of legal matters. I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Jenni for being professional and helpful in providing assistance, and for all her hard work and efforts during the last few years. I am particularly grateful to Jenni for her honest approach and realistic assessments. I was also impressed with Jenni’s caring and kind attitude and understanding offered to me during the traumatic times of my life. All of my emails and phone calls were replied to promptly and I really felt at ease that she was acting on my behalf. I have no hesitations in recommending Jenni’s services to everyone, including any of my friends, should they find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Dr Juliya Shustova
Dental Surgeon

The word “helpful” is not enough to describe Jenni’s invaluable assistance provided to myself and my company. With her in-depth legal knowledge, she is always able to provide clear direction in all matters and her advice is always right on the mark. I completely trust that when she advises me how to proceed, she has my best interests in mind and to date Jenni has got it right every time.

Andrew Redpath
Director, Sure Plumbing Limited

Having been a professional in my own field for 26 years, I can say that Jenni’s absolute professionalism and integrity are the key to why I will continue to use her services. Her honesty, empathy and support enabled me to keep a cool head while focusing on the issues and ultimately provided me with a positive outcome. Jenni made the whole process so much more manageable.

Gary Hollywood
Professional Swimming Coach

Thank-you for your assistance in in helping our company with this matter. Your preparation, submission and presentation to the court was far more professional and well researched compared to the Department of Labour.

Richard Harris
Financial Controller

Jenni helped me to resolve an employment issue I had at work. I could not have asked for a
better adviser. She gave my personal grievance a level of thought and dedication which exceeded what a top employment lawyer could be expected to do, and put forward a very compelling case. She was knowledgeable and extremely professional, giving me realistic expectations of the outcome, while showing total empathy and understanding. The result of having such a highly skilled, well informed and dedicated lawyer was that the outcome of my personal grievance was extremely favourable to me, and certainly exceeded my expectations. There is no way that I could have achieved the result I did without her help. Thank you.

Employee’s name withheld to protect confidentiality

We arrived at Jenni’s door after a referral from our Solicitor who highly recommended her for Court work. We had been served with a civil action brought by our neighbours over an alleged encroachment of the right of way. They wanted sole use of the driveway, we owned the title, hence not a true encroachment but as they filed a proceeding against us, we had to defend it.
Jenni’s legal expertise and study for our case was so thorough, on a case that probably none of us knew at the start was to be our 3-year ordeal.
Awaiting a Court date saw us go through a lot of stress which was made easier by Jenni’s constant contact and knowledge of the law and the court process. We had 3 full days in Court. After listening to Jenni for our defence I realised how much work she had put into our case and how dedicated to a client she was. Her professionalism and expertise in the courtroom, and knowledge of the law and finer details of our evidence, left the plaintiffs for dead.
I would recommend Jenni to anyone for her expertise, professionalism and commitment with both her court work and also to her clients and yes, we won!
Thank you, Jenni.

Graham and Catherine

I found Jenni to be quite different from some other professionals I have worked with. Her knowledge, her professionalism, but most importantly her clarity and understanding in acting on matters of significant business importance were outstanding. In addition, she was a pleasure to work with due to her warmth and interpersonal skills whilst maintaining a totally professional demeanour at all times. I will continue to use Jenni’s services as I have absolute confidence in her work.

Christine Bear
CBA Group

I really appreciated your help to solve my problems. You always try the best way to find out the solution for me. Since the first time I met you in your office, you looked at all the documents and listened to my case with patience. You then, step by step, gave me the guidance to solve all of my issues with the Council. In the Court, you tried your best to explain and persuade the judge to minimise my fine. I believe it is the best result we got.
I highly recommend to anyone who need help to deal with the Council when having building issues, Jenni-Maree is the best barrister. Again, I would like to say thank you again to you.

William Huang

My husband and I highly recommend Jenni. Jenni was professional in every way and also provided ongoing support to myself through my emotional rollercoaster ride. Friendly, courteous, helpful and smiley, Jenni went beyond her duties to achieve a positive result. Thank you, Jenni.

Kevin and Gill

Jenni provided well-rounded legal counsel that was backed up by intensive legal research in presenting my case to the court. Her personal communication and dedication to achieving the best possible result is admirable. Thank you, Jenni.


Jenni has been so helpful in resolving our employment matter.  She is very thorough and picked up on things that I didn’t know about.  Jenni knows what she is talking about, she is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, and had a good understanding of what was going on.  I truly appreciate the work and help that Jenni has provided me.  The outcome would have been entirely different without her.  We are extremely grateful.


Thank you.  We are incredibly grateful to have had your support.  I haven’t got the words to let you know how grateful we are.


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