Jenni-Maree is accredited as an Associate of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand and is an authorised Farm Debt Mediator.

As a former Member of the Employment Relations Authority, and a lawyer for over 22 years, Jenni-Maree has the skills necessary to assist parties to identify, address, negotiate and to resolve issues in dispute.

As an independent and impartial mediator, Jenni-Maree will ensure that an environment is created where the parties can speak openly, confidentially and constructively about their issues.  She will ensure that each party has an opportunity to have their say and will facilitate brainstorming and negotiating of settlement options.

Jenni-Maree is available to act as a Mediator on a wide variety of disputes including:

    • Employment disputes, both whilst the employment relationship is on foot and afterwards including collective bargaining
    • Neighbourhood disputes
    • Civil and commercial disputes
    • Building and construction disputes
    • Farm Debt mediation
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